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WeCareer connects you with the right mentors who can empower you to reach your full potential by helping you find a job where you can unclip your wings and deliver peak performance. The best part? You pay nothing until you land a job offer that meets your expectations.
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The WeCareer advantage

We’re a mentorship platform that matches mentors and mentees by roles, industries, skills, and services.

Think of us as a career accelerator where we invest in qualified candidates via an income share agreement (ISA). Then, as a WeCloudData company, we match you with an experienced Mentor from your target industry to teach you insider knowledge, craft the winning resume, sharpen your interview skills and refer you to the hidden opportunities.

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Leverage our global network of vetted data experts

Our mentors know their craft and know how to teach it, bring out the best in you, and help you achieve peak performance.

  • Role models: they have made it and are successful
  • Good explainers: they know the craft and how to teach it
  • Complete know-how: They understand the work environment – the places, the people, the ways
  • Complete relatability: Our Mentees who make it turn into mentors as they have been in the same shoes as mentees and understand their frustrations
The problems you might be facing

We focus on your pain points that have always been there, long overlooked, never resolved:

How WeCareer Helps

We support you with tools and techniques: work on the right things with focus and grit

Wecareer Platform

Bring your career to the next level with our result-oriented career mentorship platform

Mentorship Progress Tracker

You get mentors to work with you 1:1 and help you with project management, breaking down the end goal into milestones and tasks, and visualizing progress over a timeline. Our mentors ensure that you work on the right things, gain feedback, and remain accountable through daily logs, sessions, comments, and documents.

Job Application Tracker

Track job applications and conversion by leveraging our Chrome extension. It automatically scrapes and saves exciting jobs from job boards and lists them out in a table view. On top of that, you get to visualize conversion, search jobs by keywords, sort them by column, filter by status, open a "drawer" to work on an opportunity, and much more.

Asynchronous Mock Interviews

Mentor selects questions from Questions Bank, creates a Mock Interview, and assigns it to you. Once you attempt the Mock interviews 5+ times, you get used to the pressure and start feeling confident about your skill. Our mentors then watch the interview videos and provide actionable feedback to help you achieve peak performance.

Curated Learning Paths

WeCareer researchers curate the best learning resources - courses, blogs, explainer videos - from the Internet and sequence them into progressive learning paths. Our mentors then use these curated paths to search and assign learning resources to help you close the skills gap.

Exclusive Job Board

Wecareer, through its trusted alumni network, refers mentees to hiring managers mitigates the risk of mentees being screened out by HR or the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The result? You get to compete with ~3 instead of ~300 candidates for your dream job.

Job Search Toolbox

Our Platform brings an entire arsenal of tools that can make a massive difference to your job search. You gain everything, including our job search queries, job analysis samples, resume templates, portfolio templates, communication templates, sample resume bullets, and sample interview stories

Accelerate your dream data role with WeCareer


Take an assessment

Our free assessment helps you understand your current role in the industry, your ideal future, skills, and the experience gap you need to bridge. In addition, you learn about the type of services you will need and the level of effort required of a mentor.


Match with a mentor

This is where we pair you up one-on-one with an expert mentor by role, industry, skills, and services. To ensure a smooth relationship and a positive outcome, you get to discuss and agree on obligations, expectations, terms, and conditions.


Start your sessions!

Mentor makes an offer, and this is where you accept it. Next is you and the mentor kicking off mentorship with a planning session to break down the mentorship journey into milestones and tasks for the weeks to come.

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Get help finding a data job from the experts

Mentees who keep going keep getting better and hustling and land jobs that meet or exceed expectations in 3-6 months.

If you take action today, we’re positive you’ll find a mentor who can help you accelerate your career.


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