Ten Reasons to Use WeCareer “Bootcamp + Mentorship” Combo

You will all find jobs. With our help, you find better jobs, sooner.
Your ability to explain a job so well is a clear indicator of your qualifications.
But how to develop this ability, quickly?

  1. Time is money!
  2. Job search is an aimless, frustrating, and lonely fight.
  3. With a network of industry experts and a history of bringing out the best in every candidate, we can help you reach your goal, faster. We offer you tools, strategies, action plans, deep listening, cheerleading, and heartfelt support. We will work with you every step of the way till the point of your employment.
  4. We combine Bootcamp and Mentorship to save you time. We help you close the gaps and increase the odds of landing a better job, sooner – so the package pays for itself.
  5. We help with your positioning, find an industry niche and a mentor from the targeted industry, and fully understand what they need.
  6. Bootcamp includes enough industry-grade use cases and datasets to help you understand the business, practice problem solving skills, and close the skills and experience gap. At the end of the Bootcamp, you are able to change the upper half of your resume to look more like the right candidate.
  7. You apply ten jobs a day. Everyday. You should expect phone interviews within two weeks. If not, we sit down and help you improve your resume. We iterate this “design-test-review-improve” cycle until job market responds.
  8. As soon as you get the first phone interviews, we help you perform job analysis to understand industry, business, function and process related your role to help you present data and tell amazing stories about what you know, what you can do for them, and why they should hire you. Remember: Your ability to explain the job so well is a reliable indicator of your qualifications.
  9. If you pass the first round phone interview, they will invite you for second, third rounds… All hands on deck. We mobilize resources to help you predict and prepare for the interviews – technical, business, and behaviour. If you have special needs that your primary mentor doesn’t cover, we will use the available budget to buy more hours from other mentors. We do post-mortem with you after each interviews. If you don’t get the job, we make sure you get the valuable experience to do better in future interviews. Your confidence comes from practicing and rehearsing and feeling familiar and comfortable with work and people in that environment.
  10. Day after day, you think and behave more like the right candidate. We assure you that day will come! When you master the skill to turn a interrogation-like interview into a pleasant conversation and make people like you, trust you, and have confidence in you and your ability to succeed in the job. Then you have the job in the bag!

P.S. I have heard candidates say job searching is soul searching. It is! It’s a journey of self-discovery, through which you find yourself, your position, and your potential for success. It’s an experience you will not forget. Day after day, for weeks and months, you come in 500-80 Bloor Street West to work on your portfolio, resume, search, interview stories, shoulder to shoulder with other candidates. The mentorship, friendship and support you had with your mentors and peers will benefit you in a long run. Stay connected. Who knows? After a few years’s success on the job, you put your experience in the box, gift wrap it, some candidate from our network will want to buy it from you. 😉

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