Job Seekers’ 3 States of “Going Nowhere”

There are 3 bad power circles here that you’ll do anything to avoid. ‘Cause they will leave you hanging forever. You’ll be stuck in the shithole!

I call them 3 states of “going nowhere”:

#1 Learning forever without a focus

The more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know, the less confident you become. Problem is you trying to learn everything to do a job. Your #1 goal is to “get a job”, not “do a job”. Until you master the skills that help you “get a job” first, you are wasting your time doing anything else.

#2. Can’t get interviews

You either haven’t applied enough or you resume isn’t working. If your resume isn’t working, if your resume isn’t getting you interviews, don’t you think you should do something about it? But so many of you choose to do nothing… and wait for miracles to happen. (Sigh) Getting an interview is like winning the lottery.

#3. Can’t pass interviews

When you finally receive a notice: interview scheduled with so-and-so… your first response is not happy. It’s OMG! It’s Thursday. I have only two days… You’re not prepared. You’re not ready. And you start panicking…

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