Storytelling = Your Story + My Telling

Luo Zhenyu, Logical Thinking

Luo Zhenyu is founder of Logical Thinking and iGet pay-for-knowledge app in China. Luo studied journalism and was once a producer at China Central Television. When Chinese mobile phone internet users exceeded one billion, he realized that personal value and influence had exceeded that of organizations. He quit CCTV. “It was better to be a talker than a producer.” He said. Luo created Logical Thinking channel to sell books by reading 5-8 minute book summaries through straight, simple talk to users. Luo is a controversial figure and has been criticized for lack of his own ideas and profiting from reselling other people’s ideas. Like him or not, you have to admit that he is a master of expressions. And that dated way back when he was a kid, “I’ve had a knack for retelling things since I was little. As long as I understand something, I can re-arrange it in my mind and then go about explaining it better and more effectively to others.”

Daniel Schorr, NPR

One day I was struck by a statement made by Daniel Schorr, senior correspondent on National Public Radio. He said that when you reach a certain age in life, you are entitled to listen to what your colleagues say, turn it over in your mind, and then repeat it in your own words.

Me, Business Analyst

I confess that I have been using the same trick for many years: 1) listen to what my colleagues say; 2) turn it over in my mind; 3) and repeat it in my own words. The only difference between me and my colleagues is that I can explain it better than anyone else and make them believe that they all need me.

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