Coco Chen
Manager, Data Engineering & Analytics - Loyalty & Customer Insights at
 Canadian Tire
BI Consultant
BI Engineer
Business Analyst
Data Analyst
Data Engineer
Project Manager
Customer Segmentation
Data Lake (Hadoop, Hive)
Data Pipelines and Workflow Automation (Aireflow or SBT)
Database and Data Warehouse
ETL/ELT Concepts
Sales Analytics
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Coco Chen graduated from University of Waterloo with a bachelor degree in Math. After working as a reporting analyst for 2 years in retail banking, Coco found her passion in automation and operational excellence. She later pivoted her career focus and acquired the essential technical skillsets necessary for data engineering during her own time. She later successfully got the job of Senior Data Engineer in Customer Analytics and Insight at Canadian Tire. Along with the launch of the company’s loyalty program back in 2018, Coco played a central role in integrating multiple source data systems and automating key data pipelines which later became the blueprint of the company’s Enterprise Information Mart in Hadoop. She was soon promoted to the position of Manager of Data Engineering & Analytics, and leading several high-impact operational initiatives such as the enablement of retail-triggered survey engine and democratization of customer insight through BI self-serve solution etc. Coco loves to share her career switching experience, bring the best in next generation of mentees and replicate her success.

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