Mingyue Chen
Senior Business Analyst at
BI Analyst
BI Developer
Business Analyst
Data Analyst
Information Technology
Churn Modeling
Customer Lifecycle
Customer Segmentation
Database and Data Warehouse
Digital Analytics
ETL/ELT Concepts
Lifetime Value Prediction
Power BI
Product Analytics
Sales Analytics
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Mingyue has a combined background with quantitative studies, information management, and business. She is also a passionate public speaker with over six years’ toastmaster experience and received improv program education from the Second City. When Mingyue builds her career path in business intelligence field, she received generous help from others, so now Mingyue would like to provide same help to people who have same career goals as hers.

Mingyue currently work as a Senior Business Analyst serving VP and C level executives in an SaaS company where she develops robotic and easy-to-navigate reporting system. Mingyue’s career path started as a Credential Examiner in World Education Services, a trusted leader in North America, receiving over 10,000 applications daily, assessing 48,000 Global Higher Education Institutions worldwide in more than 200 countries and territories. After five years’ diligent work in World Education Services, Mingyue started her next adventure in an IT consulting company as a BI lead. She helped external clients from retail industry, bank industry, pharmaceutical industry to cope with the challenges of global pandemic. While small business clients are cutting budget and keeping cash flow, big corporates customers are seeking upgrading BI tools to handling rapid increase demand. Mingyue led projects with Azure data pipeline automation, multiple BI tools, and customer relationship management platforms to help clients gain maximum return on investment and competitive advantage.

Resume Building

Recommend bullets based on role and industry for 4 blocks (summary + skills + projects + experience)

Portfolio Building

A collection of 3-6 projects, each has 5 blocks (overview + objective + KPIs + data model + dashboard)

Job Searching & Analysis

Find the right number of quality jobs matching your search, and save them into the job tracker

Interview Scripting

Predict the right questions and design the conversation with compelling stories

Interview Practicing

Get used to the pressure through intensive mock interviews, provide actionable feedback, help mentees reach peak performance

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